Friday, 30 January 2009

Something I Have Learned This Week

I have discovered something which may, quite literally, be life-changing. For many years I have believed that electricity was cheaper from 6pm-9am, and have acted accordingly. I have waited till 6 o'clock to start making dinner, put on a load of washing, or use the tumble dryer. I have got up early (at least twice) so I could finish my shower before 9am.

But this week I have been informed that it is not true, and that unless you have a special tariff, electricity is the same price all day.

To be honest, I did always wonder how they worked it out - cos I figured you'd need a clock on the meter or something, and you'd have to adjust it for summer time and that.

But now I know.


Anonymous said...

didn't want to let this go by without a comment. it IS a great story.

must be something in your upbringing that would ever thinking like this in the first place. (not in a bad way). it woudn't occur to me for a second to save a few pence by showering 10 mins later, even if it was true.

whynotsmile said...

I am the stinge-meister.

bresker said...

What about Economy 7?

The seven hours when electricity was cheaper? There used to be ads on TV by NIE plugging it. That's why electric storage heaters were used to store heat in the night and release it during the day.

I am off to google economy 7. I thought everyone had it automatically.

bresker said...

It does seem you have to apply for it

Something I have learned this week, too.

whynotsmile said...

Hi Bresker (loved your dog video BTW), yes, I think that's maybe what was confusing me. But Economy 7 was always a special thing you had to sign up for.

Anyway, I'm glad to discover I can now do my washing during the day, cook my main meal at lunch time and not have to wait till tea time to do the vacuuming - it has really been life-changing!! I'm such a nerd.

Anonymous said...

I totally thought that about the electricity too... you mean it's not true?! Must come under the heading 'lies to tell small children'.