Sunday, 25 January 2009

More on the Elbow

A question of etiquette: at what point (I'm sure it's in January) does it become not OK to ask people how Christmas and New Year went? I just have a feeling we're nearing that deadline, so I thought we ought to clarify.

Anyway, it is never not OK to ask WhyNotSmile how her arm is doing, so thank you for your interest, and I can report that, as someone said earlier, it's 'hanging in there'. I went to the hospital on Wednesday and they said they can't see the fracture but there is blood in my elbow (sorry if that's grossing you out, please harden up) and there's not really anywhere it could have come from apart from a fracture.

So I've to keep the sling on; I was hoping for a cast, but it was not to be. And I have to rest it and not lift heavy things.

I remembered something else about the day I fell; I remember lying on the pavement crying and thinking 'I can't see, I can't see!!! I've blacked out!!! Aaargghh!' and then realising I had my eyes shut.

I do rather worry about concussion; in fact, when I came home after falling I went straight online and looked up 'head injuries'. I kept clicking through links until I found a page which said I would probably die, which satisfied my suspicions and allowed me to panic in a justifiable way.

Turned out not to be true though.

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