Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The Elbow

So, I have officially broken a bone in my elbow (radial... something... I think). I have a sling, and typing is very awkward, so blogging will likely be a bit slow for a while.

Also have a sore head still, from banging it on the pavement, and some nice scrapes on my cheek!

Thankfully this has solved the dilemma of how to get the bike out of the shed, since I will clearly not be riding it for some time.

I will return to the bloggosphere as soon as I can, most likely with a post entitled 'Things Which Are Hard To Do With Just One Hand'.

Until then, I bid you good day.


Anonymous said...

Oh Sharon, did you really have to get a bus to go to
A&E? This is terrible....
I'm free every afternoon after 2pm, phone me next time you slip on ice, break your arm, get concussion, need emergency medical treatment etc etc and I will gladly take you anywhere you wish to travel, even if it is a 4x4 :)
Don't fall in the morning though cause I'll be teaching people how to insert speech marks or something equally life changing.

much love


Virtual Methodist said...

Sorry to hear about your fall... you won't be needing a bike for Saturday then! What A&E did you go to?

Wandering Photographer said...

Ouch! Ah well, time for tea and sympathy; there's a silver cloud in every lining or something like that.