Wednesday, 14 January 2009


I may have broken my arm. I have to go to hospital. *sniff*

Was walking along the pavement, which did not appear to be icy, and then there was a patch of black ice, which I slipped on. Fell right over, didn't even have time to put my arm out, so hit my head (wearing a hat, so slightly cushioned) on the pavement, and landed on my arm. Started sobbing.

So I'm lying on the pavement, sobbing, thinking 'I'm an adult, I should not be doing this.' Finally I got up, and just stood and cried, which in retrospect was very embarrassing but I did not care. Then I phoned my mum and cried (she works in a doctor's surgery, so I was also phoning for advice, not just phoning my mum cos I fell over), and then I went to the doctor and cried and then I came home and cried.

Anyway, the doctor has told me to go to A&E, and I'm jsut trying to work out how to get there, since I can't drive and everyone i know is otherwise engaged. And my head hurts. So I think I will get the bus.

Thankfully my iPod, which was in my pocket, is fine; however, my coat and jeans are boggin.

Also I have a large bruise coming on my face.

I am practicing a 'sick voice' for typing, which I think will involve no punctutation or capitals, and some misspelling. I can type ok, but I can't use the mouse, but it's hard to make that come across on t'internet.

When i perfect it, you will hear more.


Wandering Photographer said...

What were you just saying about having a crisis? Sorry, I don't mean to make light of this, but the idea of typing in a sick voice made em chuckle.

whynotsmile said...

One must have a sick voice for every occassion. Even if whatever is wrong has nothing whatever to do with one's voice.

Meg said...

Wow. Sorry to hear about the accident. Glad to hear the iPod is okay.