Tuesday, 6 January 2009

All Hail The Atheist Bus Campaign

Not really. But every time I mention the Atheist Bus Campaign, my page hits go up. And it (the campaign) is being 'launched' today, so people will be Googling it, and I might as well take advantage.

Before I forget, Happy Epiphany everyone. I have never been entirely clear on what the Epiphany is all about, but it is celebrated today and it seems churlish to abstain. Something to do with the Three Wise Men, right?

Anyway, I have 2 dilemmas at the moment.

The first is in the light of Woolworths closing down. I need a cushion pad. Not a full-blown cushion-and-cover, just the inside bit. In Days Past, this is precisely the sort of thing I'd have gone to Woolworths for, but now I can't, and I don't know where to go instead. You see, all these places like Tesco and Sainsbury's and Primark, which undercut Woolworths and made it close, they have all failed me. They close Woolworths, but do they start stocking things like cushion pads that I might need? No, they don't.

So if you can help, please let me know.

The other dilemma is the great post-Christmas chocolate dilemma. You know the one - you're 4/5 of the way through the tin of Quality Street, you're bloated, you never want to see chocolate again, and your face has erupted in spots. What to do? Do I put the rest of the box away for later in the year, thus risking another spot-fest sometime in June, or do I just cut my losses and finish it off now?

I've already eaten most of the healthy ones - the Toffee Penny (good mouth exercise), the Hazelnut in Caramel (nuts are good for you) and the Strawberry and Orange Cremes (practically fruit). So it's mainly the coconut ones left.

Anyway, if you can offer any wisdom, please do.



Virtual Methodist said...

Try IKEA... If you can cope with snaking your way round the big barn.

Anonymous said...

As mentioned on ye ole facebook... i'm in a similar quest. The IKEA suggestion is interesting... i might head down there one evening... sort out my annoyingly saggy sofa

whynotsmile said...

Finally got cushion pads in the Cotton Print Factory Shop, which is not much use if you don't live in Belfast.

IKEA have some, but they are either 20in or 10in square, as far as I can see.

Anonymous said...


i have quite specific size requirements.

I've been quoted all sorts of silly prices... all i want is some foam!

whynotsmile said...

What size do you need? And is it just like foam blocks? or actual cushions?

I take it you've looked online?