Monday, 19 January 2009

Super Alex and the Shed

I'm just listening to a thing on the radio which tells us that today is 'Blue Monday', which is the worst day of the year. It was on this day last year that I was signed off work with stress for 5 weeks, so there might be something in it, but WhyNotSmile has bucked the trend, thanks to Super Alex and her purple super-cape, and finally got into the shed.

After all those wasted hours spent jiggling about with locks and keys, WhyNotSmile invited Super Alex over, and Super Alex brought WD40, and between them they got the lock open. So the lock has been replaced with a new lock and all is now well. It's a shame this didn't get resolved this time last week, as it was when I was on my way to buy WD40 that I fell and broke my arm, but then I suppose one person can't have all the luck.

After all this effort, WhyNotSmile and Super Alex were looking almost worryingly thin (as opposed to their usual delightfully slender appearances) so they pigged out on Jammie Joeys and herbal tea.


Wandering Photographer said...

"Blue Monday" was concocted by Sky Travel for a marketing campaign and the "scientific equation" is bogus (although my grasp of maths is admittedly rather poor).

What's a Jammie Joey? Have i had a disenfranchised childhood or are they a new invention?

whynotsmile said...

Yeah, it's amazing how dodgy 'science' can become mainstream 'wisdom'!

Jammie Joeys are a kind of cake - imagine a sponge cake in a rough sphere, covered with jam and then coconut.

I don't remember them from when I was small, so not sure when they appeared!

Anonymous said...

wow@superalex... Tell us more about her purple cape?

whynotsmile said...

Superalex is super, and has a gleaming purple cape, made of expensive nice stuff. It is shiny when everything else is dull and adds glamour to even the dullest of wild hog hunts.

Ministry of Tray Bakes said...

Jammie joeys - not, disappointingly, juvenile marsupials slathered in fruit compote then? Tho you wouldn't want to eat them if they were. Mind you, I wouldn'nt want the real thing either if it's covered in coconut. Give me a Tunnock's any day.