Monday, 9 February 2009

Do I Have To Do EVERYTHING Around Here?

I'm currently composing a post about Facebook, and am trying to decide what to discuss therein. Specifically, whether or not to mention that John Prescott has started a FB campaign to stop the Royal Bank of Scotland from giving massive bonuses to its staff (what with the recession and all).

The thing is, every article I have read about this has actually taken it seriously. I mean, really, has no one else ripped the piss out of this? Is there not even a single blogger, journalist or commenter on the internet who has poured upon this the derision it deserves? Or have I just not found them?

It's just that I'm quite busy at the moment, and I've already got quite a lot to say about Facebook, and the additional burden of mocking the idea of a politician conducting campaigns via social networking may delay things further.

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Anonymous said...

And then there's all the sammy wilson petitioning you can be doing from facebook..