Friday, 27 February 2009

On whether to sack myself

Now this story raises an interesting dilemma (for those who can't be bothered looking it up, it's the one about the girl who got sacked for saying on Facebook that her job (with, we can only assume, Hyper-sensitive 'R Us) was boring).

I have been known to complain that I was bored in work; I daresay I have mentioned this on Facebook or even on the blog. The question is whether or not I should be sacked for so saying. Fortunately, I am uniquely placed to answer this, since, as a self-employed person, I can see both sides quite fully.

As an employee I do get... uninspired... from time to time; this is mainly because I am fairly uninteresting to work for. If I wish to tell people this, and let off a bit of steam, I don't see why I shouldn't be allowed to. It's not as if I'm saying I'm a mass-murderer or anything; I'm just saying that sometimes I'm so uninteresting, I even bore myself.

On the other hand, as my employer, I rather resent the idea of my shortcomings being broadcast all over the web, for anyone to read. For if people find out that even I can't keep me amused, what chance is there that they will seek out my company for their next social event? Next thing you know, I'll be living alone under a rock with only my stuffed animals for friends. And I'll only have myself to blame.

Mind you, that's not a bad description of how things are anyway (other than the rock), so would there really be any harm done? And it could easily be argued I had brought it on myself.

So all in all, I think the best thing to do is take myself to one side, have some quiet words, promise not to do it again, and try to keep Facebook comments to things like 'I am eating crisps'.

Then, having successfully negotiated a peaceful settlement, I shall award myself a pay rise and a day off.


Wandering Photographer said...

Funny thing about that story was that very day I was wondering if anyone ever got in trouble for what they said about work on Facebook.

[serious hat]The employers should have at least had a word with her and explored why she was unhappy ... save the expense of going through employing someone else at the very least![/serious hat]

[clown's hat]Any self respecting soft animal would refuse to live under a rock and would (hopefully) drag you out from under it while you were sleeping. Have a word with yourself![/clown's hat]

I like the idea of giving yourself a pay rise and a day off though!

whynotsmile said...

Wow, you're psychic!!

You have to wonder whether the employers had been looking an excuse to get shot of her... she can't exactly have been Employee of the Week even before this.

Anyway, you have now reminded me that my stuffed animals would never come with me to live under a rock... so I would be all alone... *sob*

Wandering Photographer said...

Stuffed animals keep their heads when all about them humans are losing theirs* ... and you wouldn't be all alone, they wouldn't let you live under a rock!

(*Financial crisis? Not with an orangutan in charge)

whynotsmile said...

See, I'm not sure. You may be crediting my stuffed animals with too much in the way of sense.

Elephant would most likely help me out; Cat, on the other hand, would probably leave me to die while he found himself a new home.

Wandering Photographer said...

Hmmm, Cat shares too many traits with its corporeal cousins.

Elephant sounds nice though ... useful to have a trunk when dragging people out from under rocks.

bresker said...
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bresker said...

Cat will wait until you die, then come back and eat you.