Tuesday, 10 February 2009

25 Random Things About Me

There's a new craze sweeping Facebook, which requires you to list 25 random facts about yourself and then tag 25 other people about whom you wish to know 25 random facts. No one has tagged me (yet), but WhyNotSmile is not put off by the communal lack of interest, and will dispense her 25 facts regardless.

I can't work out how to add a note in Facebook, so I'll do it here instead.

1. I do not have proper toe nails on my little toes; I have little things that look like mini claws instead.

2. This makes it hard to wear flip flops.

3. When I was 10, my appendix burst and I almost died.

4. I get exceedingly frustrated by people who choose a church according to what it can do for them.

5. The thing that makes me saddest is that I would like to get married and I don't think I ever will.

6. I had never broken a bone until last month.

7. I do not understand or enjoy books by Douglas Coupland, and this makes me feel slightly inadequate.

8. The title of my PhD thesis was 'Positron Collisions With Positronium And The Noble Gases.

9. I enjoy being unemployed more than I enjoyed my last job.

10. My favourite holiday ever was when I went hiking in Austria.

11. I suspect that most people dislike me.

12. I loved school.

13. The first time I went on a school trip, I had to be sent home after 2 days because I was homesick.

14. My best friend in primary school was Laura.

15. My favourite teddy ever was Elephant.

16. And he still lives on my bed, with Cat, Gordon and Ringo.

17. I still worry a little bit that if I don't put all my teddies in my bed at night, the ones who are left out will be offended.

18. I like to park my car where it can have a nice view until I come back.

19. When I'm sick, I like lots of sympathy.

20. I have only once had a genuine Valentine Card.

21. I hate confrontation.

22. I'm thinking of getting a kitten.

23. I like reading, a lot, but get carried away with trying to complete every 'Best Ever' list I come across.

24. When I go to a new place, I get very scared.

25. I can't stand Lemsips.


Corkmum said...

Fascinating facts!
I agree with number 4
I definitely dont agree with number 5, not remotely....must send you an email on that actually....
11. So not true, you need a self esteem boost! I think you are fab and have LOVED your blogs, feel I never really knew you before, you have an amazing gift for writing.
15. Yay for Ellie!
16. Are we not missing Giraffe and Slovak wife?
17. It is true!
18 You are so thoughtful!
19. and rightly so!
20. Lets hope this year delivers number 2
21- me too! going thur episode of it now, makes me feel sick
22 every house needs a kitten cat!
24-me too! When I go to a restaurant I have to ask someone with me where the loo is, hate wandering aimlessly looking for one!
25 Me too!

Stuart McDonald said...

I'm not doing this. I don't want everyone reading things about me I might rather keep to myself. Rather than be boring, I will remain silent.

Re:11 this is most likely untrue, unless you're a secret Hitler. I can think of only a few people I actively dislike on a regular basis, and I'm a misanthrope.

Unknown said...

Chris, thanks for the self-esteem boost! Giraffe and Slovak wife don't live on the bed; they live on the bookcase with the children. They found that when they lived on the bed they kept getting lost and falling down the side and things.

Bresker, ah go on. Even 5 things. We all want to know! I promise I am not a secret Hitler.

Corkmum said...

oh i was glad to hear that about giraffe and slovak wife, how many children do they have now?

Unknown said...

They have a son called Kiko, and they have adopted a couple of blue-nosed bears. I'll tell them all you were asking after them.