Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Almost, yet not quite

Well I'm back from one-arm-dom and, oh MY, is there a lot to discuss.

Last week I promised you some reflections on Facebook, which are still brewing in my mind. In the meantime, I have visited Virtual Methodist's home turf and seen him in the flesh; I have also had an expedition to the hospital and had my sling removed by a doctor who may or may not have known what she was talking about, but did a good impression of having not the faintest idea.

Then this morning I was listening to the news and heard that some new development has been blocked 'by opponents', but I though they said 'by Poland', and we could analyse that in further detail.

But to be honest, my arm still feels a little bit like it is made of jelly, so we might leave it till later.


Virtual Methodist said...

Why didn't you say hello? Or was I my usual stand-offish self?

whynotsmile said...

I did try. You were talking to people. I tried to sidle up during the tea/coffee, but got waylaid. Then when I looked over you were talking to someone. I'm very poor at small talk and kind of thought that bounding over and going 'Hi!! I'm WhyNotSmile!' might be a bit awkward if there were other people there.

I was the girl in the back row on the non-populated side, with a green jumper and a sling.

Nice church though. And good biscuits.