Saturday, 14 February 2009

What I Received In The Post On Valentine's Day

Today I received the following items of post:

1. A phone bill
2. A letter from my bank
3. A credit card bill
4. A thing from TearFund
5. Another letter from my bank

However, WhyNotSmile will not be made despondent by the lack of a red envelope with hand-drawn hearts and SWALK written on the back (or HOLLAND - Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies; or ITALY - I Trust And Love You; I learned these on Thursday when I called down to a Senior Citizens' event in church, and the Valentine cards were being dished out like Smarties).

It is important to remember that the original story of St Valentine is a tragedy and that, at heart, the day is an over-commercialized excuse for flower shops, restaurants, card makers and chocolatiers to make extra money at our expense.

So I am not bitter at all.


bresker said...

At least you got some post. I got nothing. Not even the batteries I ordered ages ago from Hong Kong.

Wandering Photographer said...

Well I wasn't even here to find out if I had anything ... got home last night to find some bills and £50 from premium bonds. The absence of a card was more of a relief than anything else!
lol@Bresker ... batteries are more useful than cards!

bresker said...

£50 on premium bonds can't be bad, escpecially with the prize fund so low at the moment.