Wednesday, 29 April 2009

When Real Life And My Computer Collide

What with not having an absolutely excellent grip on reality, WhyNotSmile tends to forget that virtual people are not the same as real people, but that sometimes they do nevertheless have a common root in that curious thing known as Real Life, so that people on her computer are connected in some way to people she may meet at, for instance, her new housemate's housewarming party, which was timed to coincide with Anzac Day, which is not normally An Excuse For A Party.

Which is a roundabout way of saying I met Alan in Belfast the other night. He owns a zebra called Zeddy, which I thought was nice.

And this weekend I may at long last get to meet Ministry of Traybakes, who is married to Virtual Methodist, with whom I have been in a room several times, but to whom I have never spoken (I should clarify that there have always been other people in the room; it's not that I sat in one corner while VM paced the floor at the other end of the room).

So I might add them to the blogroll. We'll see.

Anyway, the occasion (do you know, I never know how to spell that) of meeting Ministry of Traybakes is that she is speaking at our church's Community Service this coming Sunday. I think it should have a better name than Community Service, because sounds like the sort of thing you might do in a mucky ditch while wearing a fluorescent jacket, and we wouldn't want to discourage anyone from coming, especially since that's not really what it's about. We would call it Community Sunday, but then, for completeness, we would have to weave it into the evening service somehow, and that makes it all more complex.

But the point is that I got talked into being interviewed for a video which will be shown at the service, and I talked nonsense and giggled a lot, and am therefore hoping the video gets axed, or at least that all the bits of me talking end up on the cutting room floor.


Alan in Belfast said...

It's always fun when virtual and real life collide - it's happening to me more and more these days.

Oh, and Littl'un protests that she owns Zeddy, and I only rescue him from the back doorstep when she leaves him outside 10 miles from home!

Thanks for hosting the fun party. Are you still eating your way through the desserts?

whynotsmile said...

Flip, no, the deserts lasted about a day and a half.

A apologise to Littl'un for saying you owned Zeddy, obviously Zeddy is hers and would not want to belong to anyone else.

I wish I'd met Zeddy now.

Alan in Belfast said...

Zeddy says no offence taken :)

We'll bring him - or Mummy Zeddy (same, but a lot less bald and a lot less loved) - next time!

whynotsmile said...

Excellent. You could also bring Littl'un and Zeddy, and then I'd get to meet the full set.

I feel a bit sorry for Mummy Zeddy though, maybe you should just bring her - perhaps she deserves a break.