Monday, 20 April 2009


Still on the topic of TV. What is it with Susan Boyle? You know, the lady from Britain's Got Talent?

Now, I don't wish to come across as all cynical; nor am I trying to bash Ms Boyle - she seems like a lovely person, and she certainly has a good voice.

But, really. It's 2009. And we're patting ourselves on the back for realising that you don't need to pluck your eyebrows to be able to sing?

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Wandering Photographer said...

Not being a TV watcher myself I had to Google this to find out what the story was.

I found a Youtube clip of the performance and it was almost a perfect microcosm of modern British (possibly western) society.

The complete dismissal of the lady before she had even begun to perform was staggering. The looks on the faces of the audience and the body language of the judges said it all. I've no idea who the blonde judge was (or is), but seeing her "I'm better and more important than you" posture being quickly replaced by an "Oh shit, I wish I had half the talent of this lady" grovelling, was almost sickening to watch. Same goes for that smug git Morgan and I'm not even going to start on Cowell.

Three cheers for substance over veneer ... now if only enough people could stop being fooled by image-managed politicians ...