Monday, 6 April 2009


WhyNotSmile has a Bad Cold®, with symptoms including (but not limited to) blocked nose, sore throat, runny nose, tiredness, sore muscles, temperature and sneezing.

I really hate having the cold: you feel awful, but you are expected to get on with things and not complain. Colds do not do well in the 'Amount of discomfort' vs. 'Level of sympathy' stakes.

For instance. You would expect that the more ill you feel, the more sympathy you could expect, like this:

Of course, WhyNotSmile would like sympathy to be distributed like this:

which may be why her life will be one continuous disappointment.

However, after a survey of WhyNotSmile's levels of illness vs amount of sympathy received over the years, I am led to conclude that this is not how it works at all. I decided to exclude sympathy from parents, which is always generous, and from my doctor, who is lovely and very sympathetic no matter what I throw at her*, and to base this on amount of sympathy from others. Furthermore, I divided it into childhood illnesses (green dots) and adult illnesses (red dots). This is what I discovered:

* I mean this in a metaphorical sense. WhyNotSmile does not condone throwing things at doctors.


Virtual Methodist said...

probably and sadly accurate... Hope your cold gets better soon...

Anonymous said...

The point labelled "depression" doesn't surprise me. Only those who also suffer from it take it seriously. Sad but true.