Saturday, 11 October 2008

Sound Investment Advice

Came across this and thought it was worth a mention:

If you had purchased £1000 of Northern Rock shares one year ago it would now be worth £4.95.

With HBOS, earlier this week your £1000 would have been worth £16.50.

£1000 invested in XL Leisure would now be worth less than £5.

But if you bought £1000 worth of Tennants Lager one year ago, drank it all, then took the empty cans to an aluminum re-cycling plant, you would get £214.


soapboxrants said...

wonderful. one question. does the lager have to be tennants? it being close to harp on the 'tasting like piss scale', not that of course i drink my own or anyone else's urine. Would some more refined canned beers be acceptable?

whynotsmile said...

The cheaper the better, presumably. Cos you'll get more cans for your money, and that's where the money is, in the amount of cans.

Posh lager might work, but you wouldn't get so many cans for £1000, so their recycling value is less.

It's a balance between 'position on tastes like piss scale' and 'number of cans for £1000'.