Tuesday, 7 October 2008

On The Theological Background and Socio-Economic Implications of the Current Global Financial Crisis

Not really. Because WhyNotSmile barely knows how a bank account works, and would never have even a faint glimmer of interest in worldwide financial markets. Especially when the people have spoken and have voted by an overwhelming majority of 2 to 0 to hear about The Largest Bar of Soap in the World.

Here is a photo of the largest bar of soap in the world:

The first question you always get asked when you own the Largest Bar of Soap in the World, is 'How did you come by such a large bar of soap?'

Well, it was a present. From my aunt, uncle and cousins, for my 30th birthday. It came in a little case with various other bits and pieces - hand cream, lip balm and so on - all of which were on the generous side of averagely proportioned, but not of a size which was worthy of note. The soap was wrapped in paper, and without looking, I thought 'oh, some bars of soap, that's nice', and put them aside for when I needed them.

It wasn't until a couple of weeks ago when I unwrapped the soap package that I discovered that it was not, in fact, 5 bars of soap, but 1 giant bar of soap.

So this is how I came by the Largest Bar of Soap in the World.

The next questions people often ask is "Just how big is this giant bar of soap?"

Quite big. You can see in the picture above that it is higher than the taps. I measured it from end to end (over the top), and it is 15.4 cm in soapcumference.

Here it is in my hand:

It is, in fact, too big to pick up and wash your hands with, so you have to sort of wet your hands and then fondle it.

So this is the Largest Bar of Soap in the World. I will of course monitor its progress and let you know how it gets on.

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