Wednesday, 27 February 2008

How To: Knit Mittens

So while I have been away, smallcorner has taken up knitting - a noble pursuit, and one which will guarantee years of satisfaction.

You may recall that over the festive period, I made myself stripey mittens. I thought I would share the instructions for this with the world, so that you can all have stripey mittens too, but especially it is for the benefit of smallcorner.

I decided to do it diagramatically, because it is too hard to explain. Proceed as follows:


Leona said...

wouldn't this make a scarf? ;-)

whynotsmile said...

No, you are skipping the movement labelled 4 at step 3, which makes all the difference.

Rachel's Small Corner said...

wow. I am astounded. Its THAT simple? Why have I not done it before???

whynotsmile said...

Do you know the weird thing? When I tried to view your comment on my new laptop with Internet Deplorer and Pista (rant to follow in an upcoming post), it said 'This page contains secure and insecure items. Do you want to view the insecure items?' so I said 'Yes' and then it showed me your picture. Seriously. It had hidden it as 'insecure'. Bless.