Thursday, 7 February 2008

Carbon Fast: Day 2

So, on Day 2, the suggestion is to check out your house for draughts (using a ribbon or feather) and buy a draught excluder if necessary. I don't even need the ribbon; sitting near our front door is like sitting on a runway as a plane flies overhead: we have a draught.

Now, rather than buying a draught excluder, I thought I'd look into making my own, since it would presumably be cheaper, and it could match my decor. Obviously I can't do that all in one day, though, but I will begin by looking up a pattern on the Interweb.

PS Why has my spell checker underlined everywhere I put draught? Is that not how it's spelt?

1 comment: said...

Not if you're an American spell-checker it isn't. Set your language to British English...