Saturday, 16 February 2008

Carbon Fast: Day 11

"Use local shops or farmers' markets instead of driving to out-of-town shopping parks."

This is something I generally try to do: I like to go to the fruit and veg shop, the butcher's and the baker's rather than straight to Tesco. However, I must admit that of late, I have slipped up a bit, and been doing all my shopping in Tesco more often than is strictly necessary.

So today I went to the fruit and veg shop instead of buying my fruit and veg in Tesco. I didn't need anything in the way of meat or bread though, but some day soon I will, and then I shall go the the butcher and baker. It is unfortunate that we have no candlestick maker.

Incidentally, kudos to The Soapbox for using yesterday's no-dishwasher day as an excuse to avoid doing dishes all day. See comments on previous post for details.

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