Saturday, 9 February 2008

Carbon Fast: Day 4

"Are you recycling everything possible?" Well, yes, I think I am. Hmmm. Which poses a problem, for now I have to think of something else to do.

Better than recycling, they say, is reusing, so I could look into that. Step 1: The large empty Quality Street tin sitting in the kitchen, which will be thrown out unless we have a use for it. Conveniently, at this point Dozavtra arrives and starts making comment about creating a First Aid box. We used to have a medicine cabinet, wherein lived emergency supplies, but it was removed during the building work, so now we have no convenient place to put its contents (TCP, the sterile gauze I got when they took my wisdom tooth out, a box of Lemsip and some plasters). Solution: Put it all in the conveniently waterproof Quality Street tin and stick a big red plus on the front, thus saving buying a special box and enabling us to reuse the tin, all in one fell swoop. With the money saved, perhaps we should update our emergency supplies...

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