Wednesday, 14 November 2007

WhyNotSmile is sick

WhyNotSmile is sick. Blogging service will resume as soon as possible; for now, she is watching much daytime tv and sleeping a lot.


Vox O'Malley said...

Was beginning to wonder.

Get well soon...

Lollitodd says:

lilytodd said...

Hey there, I'm glad to see you back on the web. You had been too quiet for too long. We could have done with your input during the 'kerfuffle!"

I was hoping you hadn't fallen down your by now infamous toilet.

Hope you're feeling better x

espero said...

Oh for goodness sake. Dry your eyes and get back to that keyboard, ya wee skiver. Some people depend on your brand of humour for their entertainment, you know.

(Honestly, some people are just so selfish.)