Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Q&B: The End

Well, it's finally over. After a 45 minute flurry of activity on Friday, the kitchen is finally installed and nice and FINISHED. If there's a tear in your eye, know that you're not alone.

On the plus side though, no one else turned up, so the building saga remains.

I almost had a new saga, with a certain bank, when I thought that they'd overcharged me for exceeding my credit card limit, but, no, it seems they do actually charge £22. Ah well.


lilytodd said...

I feel I should put my hand to my chest and sing a National Anthem... any one would do because I don't do 'the' National Anthem.

I hope it turns out to be a kitchen worth fighting for,

sniff and wipe,

enjoy x

whynotsmile said...

Thanks lily. I know. We could sing the French one; no idea what it's about, but it's a good tune.

Kitchen is all happy anyway.