Monday, 19 November 2007

On the return of WhyNotSmile, an update on the building work, and the post you missed because I was sick

I'm back. I felt ill indeed with my stomach flu; I won't go into details, but suffice to say it wasn't pretty and I was VERY glad to have a plumbed-in bathroom. Of course, when I started vomiting, I did what all self-respecting 29 year-olds do in such a situation, and phoned my parents. They came and took me to their house and I had the nicest week I've had in a long time, being in bed and waited on hand and foot, and not having to go to work.

So, you'll all be thinking 'oooooh, 2 weeks since she blogged, how much the building work must have progressed in that time, there will be Stories To Tell', and of course you'd be wrong, because the builders all got the flu as well, and succeeded only in grouting the bathroom tiles. On the other hand, just before I got sick, and just after the last time I blogged (apart from the one telling you all I was sick), they actually came and connected up the heating.

Also, there was an entry I didn't get round to posting, and it went like this (please transport yourself to not last Saturday but the one before so that this makes sense):

How embarrassing. I came home from work yesterday to discover that the plumbers had fitted a new radiator in my bedroom. And that all my teddies (Cat, Elephant and Gordon) were on my bed, and not down the side of my bed, which is where they had been when I left.

There are 2 possibilities.

One is that they were scared of the plumbers and made a break for freedom at an opportune moment, but didn't quite make it and flopped onto the bed in defeat.

The second is that the plumbers were poking around and found them down the side of the bed and fished them out and lined them up on the bed on purpose (note that they would not have needed to go near the bed in order to fit the radiator).

And I think it's more likely that the second possibility is what happened, and so I am now embarrassed.


espero said...

Is Gordon a giraffe?

whynotsmile said...

No, Gordon is a gopher, you muppet.

I will upload a picture some time.

lilytodd said...

Are these the same animals you had in Lucan in 1995?

I hoping the answer is 'yes' by the way, no shame here.

espero said...

was there not a giraffe?

whynotsmile said...

Lilytodd, Elephant is the same elephant, yes. I did have Gordon at that stage but he didn't go to Lucan. Cat is a more recent arrival; you won't have met him yet.

espero, yes, there is a giraffe, but he's called Giraffe. Married to a Slovak doll called Daria.

OK, even I'm starting to think this sounds insane. Can you be mad if you know you're mad?

espero said...

Giraffe was still a wayward bachelor when I met him, sowing his wild oats in the Quinta.
Glad to hear he got over his commitment issues.

the soapbox said...

Glad you're back. the blogosphere is that bit duller without your wit and wisdom

Rachel's Small Corner said...