Friday, 23 November 2007

A Big Day

So today is a Big Day. I should have 3 sets of people at my house:

1. The floor man (Kieron and assistant)
The floor men were there yesterday and put the flooring down in my kitchen and new room, and very nice it is too. But they have to come back today to finish it off.

2. The Q&B man
I know!!! You're all aghast - the Q&B tale may finally be over. New doors are arriving today and being fitted. It's almost disappointing that this could be the end.

3. The electrician (Trevor)
Coming to fit the shower screen. Yeah, I dunno why I need an electrician for that either.

So it is to be hoped that they all turn up and don't get in each other's way and that it is all lovely and wonderful. I will let you know.


Rachel's Small Corner said...

I have a horrible feeling that this wonderful saga is soon coming to an end. I will smile and rejoice over the photos of beautiful complete house, but yet mourn for the days of random stories of plumbers with asian mail order brides and stomach flu.

*wistful sigh*

whynotsmile said...

I know. I feel a little teary myself. Don't worry too much though; I've only said they were supposed to turn up today; no evidence yet that they actually have.

It could drag on for months yet.

Anonymous said...

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