Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Results

Well the phone has been found and it's time to announce the results of the competition.

In third place, we have Dave, who claimed to have seen the phone outside Maynooth. Technically, it's not possible to disprove this, but since I didn't actually find it there, full glory must be denied in this case.

In second place is Emma, who claims to have gone as far as checking her Iraqi friend's car. Close, but no cigar.

But the winner, for sheer volume of attempts as much as anything else, is Chrissie, who, while not getting the exact place, was closest with her suggestion of 'under the duvet'. So please give immense respect to Chrissie And Her Treasure-hunting Skills.

The phone was, in fact, down the side of the bed; presumably I left it on the bed last night and then it slid off during the night.

All's well that ends well.


bresker said...

Never mind about that, what did you think of the latest Apprentice?

whynotsmile said...

Ah, that post is yet to come. Patience.

Anonymous said...

told you.. CAT had it!

Alex&Chris said...

I've just noticed I am the winner of the utmost respect, I feel so proud! It nearly makes it worth being up with a cranky teething child at 3am...
Glad I could be of assistance!