Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A Competition

OK, today we're going to have a little competition.

I have lost my mobile phone, and I need you to help me find it.

The story so far: the last place I definitely remember having it was last night in the living room, when I remember it falling off the arm of the sofa and onto the floor; I remember picking it up and setting it on the little table. Since then I have not left the house; after that I pretty much had supper and went to bed.

I have checked the obvious places, like the table, my handbag, all over my bedroom, the fridge, and all manner of floors and armchairs and cushions and things.

Needless to say, the battery has run out, so I can't just phone it.

So, your task is this: suggest places to look. Whoever gets the correct place wins the respect of all my readers.


bresker said...

Mine's either on top of the fridge or in my pocket. Look under a newspaper.

whynotsmile said...

Hmmm... there is no on-top of my fridge, cos there's a cupboard there, and I would have had to climb up to put it on top of the cupboard. I would remember doing that, I think.

Have checked all pockets I can think of.

I don't have any newspapers at the mo, but it could be under a pile of something somewhere.

Wandering Photographer said...

The fridge qualifies as an obvious place?!?

whynotsmile said...

The fridge was always a strong possibility, due to having had cereal for supper. So I could've put the phone in when I took the milk out, or something.

Honestly, I do things like that.

Wandering Photographer said...

Lucky you didn't ... if someone called you might have poured milk in your ear ...

Anonymous said...

CAT has it!