Sunday, 13 July 2008

WhyNotSmile's Summer Holiday

I love to travel to new places. I love reading the holiday brochures and websites beforehand; I get ridiculously excited about packing; I'm not overly fond of the getting there; I love being in a new place and finding out all about it; I love buying tacky souvenirs and writing postcards and taking photos; I love coming home and telling everyone about it.

So to say that I'm a bit bummed to be unable to travel this year is like saying the Pope has been sounding slightly Catholic of late.

However. There is no point in being miserable about this, so I have come up with a solution. I am going to go holidaying in Belfast. I will put myself at the mercy of the Northern Irish Tourist Board (Belfast wing), and allow them to entertain me for the duration. I am going to do things that tourists do but that I never get round to because I live here. I will take photos and write blogs. I may even learn things.

Now, clearly it is not possible to just go on holiday: it requires some planning. So, I will first do some research and decide when I am going to go on holiday, and how long I will stay. I will also decide what I am going to do and see. For example, I have never seen St Anne's Cathedral, or Clonard Monastery, or indeed anything much in West Belfast. I may go a little bit outside Belfast too, or I may decide to save that for another holiday later in the year. We shall see.

Once the library re-opens on Tuesday, I will go and investigate; perhaps on Monday I will go to the Tourist Information Place and ask for leaflets (we'll pretend I sent off for them). I will get back to you with an itinery.

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Sean said...

Great idea.

We are always finding things to do in the locality. (even more if you are willing to go outside Belfast)

The Lagan boat cruises would be my first port of call.