Monday, 28 July 2008

On Carrots and Holidays

I have harvested a carrot. Not a big carrot, not a carrot you could respectably feed to visitors, but a carrot nonetheless, and one that I grew myself. But I think I harvested it a bit soon, so I'll leave the rest for a while.

Plans for the summer holiday are coming along nicely; I have found lots of things to see and do in Belfast - did anyone know that there is a candy factory in Belfast, for example, where you can see candy being made? I not only didn't know about it, but have actually seen it every time I go to the dentist and not realised. It's even called 'Aunt Sandra's Candy Factory', but I thought they just called it that.

So, at the moment I'm thinking I'll have a day of doing churches etc, a day in West Belfast, and a day following some of the Art Trails around the city. I will hopefully take in the Ormeau Baths Gallery and possibly Crumlin Road Jail. The exact itinery is still to be determined, but I will let you know.

Unfortunately I have been out of action for a week or so, due to my doctor giving me new medication which has made me feel profoundly sick and sleepless. Thankfully this is now wearing off; the correct side of it, the side that makes me all happy and not anxious, has not yet kicked in.


Alex said...

Did you call the carrot Alex and put a candle in it?

whynotsmile said...

No. I didn't.