Thursday, 17 July 2008

Stars In My Eyes

You may have heard that Google are in the process of expanding Google Maps so that you can view places in 3D - so, instead of just having an overhead view, you will be able to zoom down to street level and have a look around. They already do this for America, I think, and it's particularly useful for stalkers and burglers, since they can have a good look around from the comfort of their own homes before going out to get down to business.

Anyway, they are currently photographing Belfast, and I have now been filmed at least TWICE. Oh yes. Once on the Cregagh Road (although I think I may have been right on the edge of the frame, so you should probably not get too excited about that one), and once at the junction of the King's Bridge, Ridgeway Street and the Annadale Embankment. For the second one, I was on my bike, and definitely right in the centre of the shot.

This is possibly the closest I have ever come to being famous. It has certainly topped my previous heady claims to fame (I once met Mr Blobby, and I know someone who used to be President of the Methodist Church in Ireland).

When it is published, I expect you all to zoom in immediately and see if you can spot me.

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