Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Things That Baffle Me #4: Running For Pleasure, in Public

Now that summer is upon us, as it were, the streets are positively packed with joggers. This is a fetish I have never understood: why would grown adults run about in public, for pleasure?

As far as I can think on the matter, there are only two good reasons why I would ever run in public, neither of them pleasurable:

1. If there was something scary behind me and I wanted to get away from it:

2. If there was something in front of me that I wanted to get to quickly:

And apart from these I cannot think of any reason to run in public.


Anonymous said...

Oh sharon, sharon,

Public running is one of my all time favourite 'fetishes', (i insist also my only!)

Get out of the gym and start to appreciate your local streets in a whole new light.

There are hills in Carrick I have battled and cursed, yet I love the town all the more for having conquered it by foot.

Baseball hat, ipod, can't beat it....but then again if I was as slender as you I don't think I would have any incentive. I only love it cause it helps me keep on top of the never ending battle of the chub.

lilytodd x

whynotsmile said...

See, I'm a cyclist. You get to hide under a helmet that way.

I agree with you on gyms though... I last about 3 minutes on each piece of equipment before I get bored and have to get off. Except the cross-trainer, which I get bored of, but can't ever get off, at least not without injuring myself in undignified ways.