Thursday, 19 June 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

The rumours are true, and WhyNotSmile has had a birthday (2 days ago now); she is into a new decade.

I have to thank The Housemate Formerly Known As Dozavtra for managing an impressively impressive birthday celebration, working from fairly unpromising raw material: given that I am still incapable of going out for a meal or to the cinema, or even of much in the way of eating a fancy dinner at home, adding fun to the occasion required more than the average amount of imagination. But she successfully coordinated several birthday cards and gifts from a range of sources, including one from my ex-colleagues and one signed by a significant proportion of the congregation in church; she also put balloons everywhere, and as Piglet said, 'Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon'.

It was amusing to get a text message from one of my younger friends, saying 'Happy Birthday. What did you get?', reminding us that materialism is not dead. Anyway, I got a cycling top, a patio table and chairs, earrings, gift vouchers, chocolate, a huge bunch of flowers, and many, many book tokens. The latter will put me in my mother's bad books for a while; I have mentioned before that she bans me from asking for books for birthdays and Christmas, on the grounds that they're not enjoyable and therefore not proper presents, or something.

And so WhyNotSmile would like to thank everyone who sent messages, texts, Facebook wall posts and superpokes, cards, presents and general happy thoughts.

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