Monday, 23 June 2008

In Which The First Photos of the Organic Garden are Revealed

The organic garden is going swimmingly; thus, the time is opportune to show you some photos.


Here are the potato plants, in their barrel:

You will note that the plants have a lot of leaves but no flowers yet. Once they grow flowers the potatoes are nearly ready for harvesting. At the moment there are tiny flower buds but no actual flowers, so the harvest is still some way off.


This is the largest lettuce:

This will be ready to harvest in a few weeks, although it could be eaten now if there was good reason.

These are lots of the lettuces, in their window boxes:

The ones at the back look smaller because of perspective.

Herbs And Other Miscellany, Including Carrots

Here is a view of the 'Herbs And Other Miscellany, Including Carrots' section:

To the top left you can see the more developed herbs; the carrots are in the pot which can be seen on the top right. In front of the carrots are little pots mainly containing lettuces (except for two of them, which have small herb plants). If you look closely on the extreme right of the photo you will see a water bottle containing compost; it occurred to me that, with the top chopped off, this would be precisely the right size and shape of container for one carrot, so there are carrot seeds in there. The propagator at the back is where everything started, but it's mostly empty because things have been planted on to other places. The remainder of the pots contain herbs and flower seedlings. Note the judicious use of a Stork carton for a saucer.

These are herbs in purple pots:

This is what the carrots look like from above:

I will post further updates as things progress.


espero said...

A beautiful bounty. Your basil looks lucious.
My carrot harvest was a little diappointing (sum total of 3) and at the minute we are fighting off the squirrels from stealing our strawberries.(BB guns have been suggested)
It's quite addictive, this gardening lark,isnt it?

espero said...

em, luscious.

whynotsmile said...

Ah, squirrels wouldn't be good. Yeah, I'd shoot them.

I'm not sure about my carrots... it's hard to say how they're doing, what with so much of them being underground and all. But there are lots of leaves.