Monday, 10 March 2008

What would Jesus download

At the weekend there I was mentally composing a post confessing to you all that I was finally bored of t'internet. This morning, though, I realised that I have merely not been looking hard enough, for my wandering attention happened upon the rather marvellous, a promising addition to the WhyNotSmile fold.

WhatWouldJesusDownload is a website dedicated to all things which are online and Christian; your one-stop shop, as one might say, for 'Pictures of Jesus', Christian news, Catholic news, movie reviews, 'Jesus TV' and the obligatory 'verse of the day'. Don't miss the link at the top to "God's eye maps" (I wasn't at all sure what to expect from these but their striking similarity to Google maps must surely give us pause for thought).

Their mission is to be "your safe place on the web"; we are surely all too aware that "there are many dangers when surfing the net"; it is therefore reassuring to know that Satan has not yet wiped out "Jesus Radio" or the multitude of Christian videos.

The site even offers a free email account, "", to help you to "spread the Word of God". "People will see in your Christian email address, visit the site and join our Christian community" the site declares, perhaps a touch optimistically. Your non-Christian friends will be so impressed that they may well convert then and there; should they need further encouragement, they can readily be pointed in the direction of the delightful range of WWJD Shroud t-shirts which they can proudly wear if only they repent.

Perhaps my favourite thing about this site, though, is the offer of an entire Christian operating system for your computer. They stop short of explaining precisely how an operating system can actually be redeemed by the atoning blood of Christ, but since it seems to have its own hoodie, who am I to argue?

Oddly, the one thing the site does not tell us What Jesus Would Download; a disappointing ommission by any standards, but even more so when they have made such a bold claim in their very title. We are left to wonder - thoughts may be left using the comments button below.

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