Saturday, 1 March 2008

Carbon Fast: Day 25

Who works hardest in the house? Mum? Dad? No, the fridge. It's churning away 24/7. Treat it to a good de-icing to make sure it's running efficiently.

Now, our fridge de-ices itself all by some kind of magic which masquerades as science. This is a good thing since the previous freezer was so iced up that we could only store a pack of bacon in it.

So, we shall move on to other appliances today, and I think we shall deal with the tumble drier. I recently got some of those tumble drier balls that remove the need for tumble drier sheets; they are pretty good and make the clothes soft and everything, as well as drying them faster. But obviously the thing to do is to stop using the tumble drier at all; this is not always possible in winter since there is just not enough space to dry everything, but now that the weather is better I can dry things outside. So, I will buy a washing line (previous one was removed during the building work), and use it.

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