Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Quiz answers

Answers to yesterday's quiz:

1. No, they did not.

2. No, no progress has been made since Friday unless you count me and my mum tidying up.

3. Not as much as you might think, but it has certainly disturbed my usual equilibrium.

4. I don't know. I wish I could find out, because I can expect to live (on average) another 40 years or so, and it is likely that something or other will need done to my house in that time. I think I shall have to get married to someone who's good at DIY.

Incidentally, they didn't turn up yesterday either, so my mum went round to the Chief Builder and issued threats, and he said the plumber had unexpectedly gone to Thailand but he had a new plumber who'd be here today. He said it quite convincingly, too, more so than might be expected.

On a positive note, Phoenix Gas arrived On Time, and installed my gas and meter and so on as they said they would. They unfortunately got called away to a gas leak in the middle of it all, but had the courtesy to leave me a message all full of apologies and assurances that they would be back as soon as possible to finish off; they did indeed return and finish the job, which was good. Not that there's any plumbing inside the house to connect it up to, but that's hardly their fault.

If I get home tonight and there is no progress, I think I will collapse in a little sobbing heap, and then move into someone else's house.

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