Monday, 15 October 2007

Jeans, iPods and similar

I'm not even going to bother telling you my builders didn't turn up today; you're all intelligent adults, you can follow a pattern.

Nor are we going to dwell on the weekend's rugby result except to say that I was surprised by how devastated I was, and to point out that, for an Ireland fan, the only possible good outcome of England-France would have been for them both to lose.

No, instead we shall discuss tonight's shopping trip, which was most successful. I finally got myself new jeans, which I've been looking for since June (one thing I cannot be said to be is an impulse buyer). I didn't get the ones I'd seen in the catalogue, I got different ones. I also would've quite liked the brown cardigan the mannequin was wearing, but they don't seem to actually sell it, just advertise it.

I also bought razor blades, which I mention because they had a sticker on the back which said:

"WARNING! This product contains a security device which is NOT MICROWAVABLE"

and which I thought was funny.

In good news, Alex has Bluebelle back, but she has been injured by Harles Churst - she has a big dent in her bonnet (this is Bluebelle we're talking about, not Alex). Bluebelle is most upset. Also, the repair doesn't actually work, so she's going to have to go back to Harles Churst to be fixed.

Listen, I need some advice. I want one of those things that lets you listen to FM radio on your iPod (not a transmitter to listen to your iPod on your car radio, other way around). I saw Logic3 ones in HMW for £20. Does anyone know if they're any good? I've always thought Logic3 was like cheap iPod and therefore tacky and inferior - can anyone confirm or deny this? Thanks.

Right, off to put my pizza in the oven (and maybe my razor blades in the microwave - because you can't read a sticker like that and not know).

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