Tuesday, 30 October 2007

October 2007: trendspotting

A quick update, for the curious...

Roof attached to house; house much warmer.
Much carpentry done; house much prettier.
Plumber back from Thailand, or being attacked, or whatever, but cleary still not inclined to come and do heating.
Tiles purchased by builder, but not yet attached to wall.
Father making frequent enquiries of me about whether bargeboards are done yet; me ignoring questions due to not being quite sure what bargeboards are.

So that's the state of play at the moment.

Now, I've been noticing several trends recently (moving away from the building work, and into The Rest of The World, at last).

Firstly, everyone is going over to WordPress, even non-technical people like smallcorner. Why is this? I think it may be something to do with tracking how mnay people read your blog, but frankly, I'd rather not know. If it's lots, I'd be intimidated, and if it's few, I'd be disappointed. So I'm staying right here. But it means all the links on the left of this page are now wrong; sometime I will fix that.

Second trend: everyone is starting 365 blogs, where they record a nice thing every day. Now, this is lovely and everything, but it doubles the number of blogs I have to check. In any case, I'm not going to start one of these, because I'd get 2 weeks in and give up; I have no sticking power.

Third trend: qmonkey is leaving comments on every post he can find. Does this man not have a job, or hobbies, or a wife and child, or something?

Fourth trend: we're all debating whether God exists and what science has to say for itself. I blame qmonkey. I've been composing some thoughts on this for a while, but they have yet to make it into coherent form. Bate your breath, though. I have a PhD in Physics, so my word on this one is final.

I've still not fixed my internet connection at home, which is irritating. You see, what happened was, I brought my laptop into work to download something, and connected it to the network, and it wiped my dialup settings. So now I have to go back to square one and set it all up again, but I can't remember how. If anyone knows how to set up a winmodem for a dialup connection on a Dell Inspiron laptop running Dapper Drake Ubuntu, please be in touch.

Until next time.


Rachel's Small Corner said...

First of all, I BALKED at being called 'non-technical'!!! I would like to inform you that I am highly technical... and a sucker for the more aesthetically pleasing. Come across the fence, Vox and Lily will have a picnic waiting for you on the 'lawn'.

Secondly, sorry about the double portion of blog-checkingness. I've located (or rather been located by) the actual Originator of the 365 craze. Feel free to take the issue up with her.

Thirdly - its the stats. Leaving comments boosts your ratings. And yes, it IS terrifyingly intimidating AND disappointing all at once. Still fun though...

Fourthly, again I resent the comment that'everyone' is debating this. I'm firmly sticking to pretentious big word sharing and stories about boys (well, okay I deviated slightly of late...). However I will look forward to your final word on the matter!

Despite the resentment noted above, all is foriven - I enjoy your rants too much to hold a grudge!


whynotsmile said...

So, miss technical, how do I fix my laptop?

I thought you described yourself as non-technical somewhere, did you not?

soapbox said...

i would also contend that wordpress isn't just about the stats. its all just so much nicer than blogger. There is a nice feature where you can track comments you've made on other wordpress blogs so you can see the comment conversation on your own dashboard, and a blog surfer that brings you the most recent comments from all your favourite wordpress blogs. its all about the bringing everything together.
i'm also all about the aesthetics.

I too boggle at qmonkey's posting and commenting abilities.