Monday, 8 October 2007

Building work update, the second

So the building work moves idly on. On Friday there they had plastered the entire bathroom, and even started on the downstairs room. It was all going swimmingly until someone removed the toilet cistern and they all went home for the weekend. So I've been learning the old 'how to flush a toilet with a bucket of water trick'. Not my forte, I have to say.

Anyway, they tell me that they are putting in the new bathroom today (or at least starting to - I'm hoping they do it in the order toilet->sink->bath->accessories, but have a horrible feeling I'll go home to find a bathroom devoid of all the normal accoutrements except for a nicely mounted toilet roll holder and matching towel rail).

Phoenix are also supposed to be coming today, to begin installing my heating. They do all the outside bits, and then some bloke called Kyle does the inside, like the radiators and stuff, so that might take a few more days.

There has been no further contact from Q&B Darren, but I suspect that one of these days he'll turn up and install all the new doors just in time for the builders to plaster the ceiling and pour water all over them. That would be about right.

I may soon have a tale for you from a certain car dealership, but I may not. Alex is giving them one more day to sort her car out, and if they don't, Harles Churst are being grassed on, right here.

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