Monday, 27 August 2007

Q and B, Part Deux

My, it has been a while. You see, I've been off work, and therefore had things to do other than write my blog. I'm still off work, as it happens, but thought I should write something, in case you're missing me.

So on Friday night I was at the rugby (Ireland vs Italy), and discovered the slightly disappointing fact that the crowd shots at these events are mostly staged. What happens is, the cameraman points a camera at you while you stand in the crowd at a quiet moment (obviously if there's anything remotely interesting happening on the pitch, they'll be filming that, so crowd shots are only used as fillers), and tries to whip you into a frenzy. Obviously one doesn't want to look like a prat live on TV, so one must feign some kind of enthusiasm, but I tell you, that's not so easy after the first 30 seconds.

You'll be pleased to hear we have a further development in the Q&B story (if you're new to the blog, check back around the April/May archives for the first installment of this sorry tale). Needless to say, no one from Q&B ever called me back, so on Thursday there I went to the warehouse to try again. I took my dad too, labouring under the delusion that he might be scarier than me.

So we went to the girl at the kitchen department, and explained the tale, and I said I wanted (a) someone to bring a new cupboard door, (b) someone to fit the new cupboard door and (c) someone to take away the pile of old cupboard doors and the cupboard which, you will recall, was erroneously sent by Steve some months back. She was very sorry about the whole thing and phoned a manager. Then she said I could buy a new cupboard door, and then bring the old one back and get my money back; also, she'd arrange a fitter to come and fit the new door.

Now, I was not so keen to hand over more money (although it was only £4), but my dad seemed temporarily to be possessed by insanity and said 'oh, yes, let's buy a new one, and sure I'll fit it for you. And we can take the old doors to the dump ourselves and you can bring the extra cupboard back'.

Great. So let's let Q&B off the hook and do it all ourselves. Incidentally, how did my dad suddenly become able to fit cupboard doors? Where was that skill when I was handing over thousands of pounds to Q&B to come and mess my house up? As it turned out, of course, my dad couldn't install it, but only because he didn't have a drill with him, so after a brief excursion to my parents' house, the new door is attached, and looking different from all the others, since they appear to have changed how the doors are sealed since I got the last lot. But it's on.

Anyway, I refused to agree to take the doors to the dump myself - they'd never all fit in my car, plus the guys at the local dump get tetchy if you try to dispose of more than a sweet wrapper there. So the lady in Q&B said she'd arrange for someone to come and pick them up. So I'm waiting for them to call back. Ha.

In other news, today saw my annual shopping trip, and I finally managed to get the birthday present from my parents sorted out. I never got round to ordering the jeans in Next, but I got new shoes today instead, so whatever else happens, my feet will not be naked. I also got new sexy underwear and a book called 'The Confessions of St Augustine', which is a sort of 4th Century Christian version of Heat magazine, only it's a book instead of a magazine.

Incidentally, I hear they're bringing Wispas back. Is anyone else finding themselves a little bit too excited about this?


Dave Johnston said...

Hey, if we're ranting about stores and their service, does anyone else get really cheesed off by the terrible socials skills of till staff who; a) refuse to acknowledge your cheery 'Hello' b) continue chatting away to other members of staff without acknowledging the customer c) glare at you menacingly across the counter as if your desire to purchase some item is completely unreasonable


Until tomorrow said...

MORE sexy underwear?! It's been hard enough trying to hide your raunchy washing from the likes of Mark and Dave without you going and buying more ;-)...