Monday, 6 August 2007

Break in transmission

Apologies for the break in transmission there. It was due to essential maintenance work. Namely, I was trying to maintain my current status as an employed person, by doing some work. I succeeded, so that was good. But the blog suffered, as you saw.

I have also become addicted to Facebook. I still don't really understand it, but I managed to throw some sheep at people and have started a game of Scrabble with Lilytodd, so all the important agnles are covered. I found this application that allows you to add books you're reading and have read. Needless to say, I intend to add every book I've ever read, in an attempt to get my picture on everyone's profiles as the most prolific reader of all time. I've got a good 100 or so Enid Blytons alone, so we're getting there.

Not much other news. I've been making a large banner for church - it says 'I am the Good Shepherd' and has a picture of a shepherd and some sheep (or at least it will do and it will have once it's done), so evenings have been spent cutting and sticking and sewing. It's like giant Fuzzy Felt, for those of you from the 80's.

I may post some thoughts at lunch time, but for now I wanted you all to know I'm still alive.

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Vox O'Malley said...

I wish someone would do a computer based equivalent of all that fuzzy felt stuff, would be great to tell stories with the kids on massive screens with a CD rom full of Bible characters and various miraculous props.