Sunday, 30 January 2011

Things I Dislike But Feel I Ought To Like: QI

I have to confess, I don't really like Stephen Fry. Not on a personal level; I'm sure he's charming. I mean on TV. And I don't really 'get' QI, though I feel I ought to love it. Someone once said that Stephen Fry is the kind of person that stupid people think smart people should be like, and I rather agree with that. I'm sure he's very clever and all, and he did a very interesting podcast some time back about Oscar Wilde, which I enjoyed, but the fact remains that I always feel I should find QI a lot more entertaining, amusing and stimulating than I do, and I wish I liked it more.


Paul said...

Ha, agreed! I like Dara O Briain, though; to my mind, he is the only one who comes across as intelligent.

Anonymous said...

apparently.. that quote about stupid people and Fry, is the kind of quote stupid people think is a clever quote about clever people :)

not a huge obriain fan i must say. he's ok. but a bit run of the mill. what ever that means.

david mitchel is always the star guest!

whynotsmile said...

I really like Dara O'Briain as well, I think he's hilarious!

Not a huge David Mitchell fan, but he's funny enough.

Virtual Methodist said...

What bugs me about it is a) the fact that like so much comedy these days it just degenerates into juvenilia (how old do I sound?) and b) Fry forever gets things WRONG... His pronouncements on religious history, theology and often biology is regularly deserving of flashing lights, big letters on the screen behind him and deductions from his score... Personally I'm in the O'Briain camp myself... Clearing off to laugh at the thickos on University Challenge now!