Saturday, 29 January 2011

On What You Would Hear If You Hacked My Phone

So apparently phone hacking is all the rage now.  In a spirit of public-mindedness, I decided to save you all the effort, and publish details of all the people who've phoned me this week.

I don't remember much before Tuesday, so we'll start there.

Tuesday, at around 2pm
For reasons I now forget, Alex ended up answering this one.  Apparently it was an Indian bloke, who wanted to sell me laptop insurance or something.  They seemed to speak for quite some time, but the conversation terminated with Alex saying "It's ok, I'm a software developer".

Wednesday, at around 1.45pm
The daughter of the elderly lady across the road, to say her mother had called her because she'd got her tv stuck on the menu again, and could I go over and put it on ITV?  And also, did I have a boyfriend yet?

Thursday, at about 2.30pm
My mother.  My mother has a better idea of my schedule than I do, so if she phones during the day, I know I'm supposed to be Out Someplace in the evening.  She called to see what I was doing, which was working, mostly.

And that's been it, so far.  If anything else happens, I'll let you know.

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