Monday, 24 January 2011

On It Being Blue Monday Again

So according to The Guardian, today is Blue Monday.  Now I know we all thought it was last week, but that was according to the Daily Mail, and my friend Claire, and Virtual Methodist.  But this week it is according to both The Guardian and Wikipedia.

This raises an interesting source of distress, as I had not previously considered the possibility that Claire could ever be wrong about things, so I'm trying to adjust my worldview to encompass that, and, frankly, it disturbs me.  It's like finding out they lied about atoms.

Anyway, WhyNotSmile is not one to pass up another opportunity for misery, of course, but I haven't worked myself into quite the same frenzy as last week, so today is passing in a sort of melancholy.  I'm all alone, as The Sister is at Mommy and Daddy Smile's, since she's teaching Down That Way this week, so it's just me all alone for a few days.  Which is sad.


qmonkey said...

i was made redundant this blue monday. no joke.

remains to be seen if it was a good or bad thing i guess

whynotsmile said...

Well, that seriously sucks. I'd start by seeing it as a bad thing. That way, things can only go up.

Hope you get something new. And better.

qmonkey said...

:) its actually good advice. i tend to a bit TOO much of a 'look on the bright side' kinda guy