Saturday, 26 June 2010

The New Cash Machine

I turned up at the Cash Machine this morning, because I needed a tenner to get a train to Bangor, and the Cash Machine had been turned into the control desk of the Starship Enterprise.  It used to be your average ATM: a bit grubby, worn out 'Enter' key, Jamie heart KayLee UVF scratched into the side wall, and the odd bit of chewing gum/vomit/unidentifiable substance on the keyboard.  It was a good way to save money, that cash machine, because you had to be reasonably desperate in order to use it.

Anyway, today, as I say, it has been replaced by the flight desk of a space shuttle.  It's all neon plastic, nice fonts, clean buttons and new flashy screen.

Worryingly, there is a large sign saying 'If you notice anything suspicious about this cash machine, please contact the Police'.  I cannot decide whether it is suspicious that the cash machine has, overnight, become capable of teleporting me to Venus, so I take my tenner and leave.

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