Sunday, 11 July 2010

How Clever I Am

So apparently Spain can kick a ball into a net more times than anyone else in the world, at least at the moment.  We are grateful, of course, to the W***d C*p for introducing us to Paul, the Psychic Octopus, but other than that, thank goodness it's over [1].

Anyway, today I figured out exactly how clever I am.  I am clever enough to realise that if you put a clothes-horse covered in clothes outside on a windy day, you should peg everything on so it doesn't blow away; I am not clever enough to realise that this will increase its air resistance and make it blow over and dump everything onto the ground.

[1] It is over, isn't it?  I assume, when they say 'Final', that they mean 'Last Thing That Will Happen'.

1 comment:

Phil Lowe said...

thankfully the football 'thing' is finis, over and done with. Hurrah!