Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Exploring Our Matrix: Why Anti-Evolutionism Is Evil

This post encapsulates many reasons why Creationism is a Bad Thing.

In particular:

Christians have a strong sense that they are supposed to be going against the flow, that they need to dare to be different, that they need to stand up for their faith even if it means ridicule or persecution. What Ken Ham and others like him have done is to give Christians a way that they can feel that they are in fact doing this, standing up for their faith, by standing up for pseudoscience, instead of taking a stand for the things that really ought to distinguish a Christian: love for enemies, concern for justice, bringing together those whom society divides along lines of race, gender, status, and much else.

And if I get one more person inviting me to the Facebook group 'I bet we can find 1000000 people who don't beleive in evolution before June', I may also fail to do things which ought to distinguish a Christian.

In fact, please stop inviting me to Facebook groups, unless you are really VERY sure.

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W Johnston said...

Well said. As someone who considers themselves a scientist, I am embarrassed by much of the pseudo-scientific drivel that is published by Christians much of which can be disproved with high school science and a bit of digging. Titles like "scientists admit that there must be a god" when in fact only one group of scientists has said something that vaguely resembles that just makes people look silly and uninformed. The misapplication of the verse "lean not on your own understanding" to mean "ignore what science says" is equally frustrating.