Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The Apprentice and Facebook

So Yasmina won, and they had to make chocolates, which was ok but not hilarious, and everyone else came back to help so there was a brief 'thing' about whether Kate would choose Philip for her team.

But onto a discussion I have been having with MilesToGoBeforeISleep, which is to do with people who add you as friends on Facebook. Such people fit into several categories:

1. People you know. Every now and then, you get a friend request from someone you had never realised wasn't your friend already. In fact, you are fairly certain they were definitely your Facebook friend at some point in the past. This is slightly disturbing, because it makes you wonder whether they fell out with you and removed you from their list, and have now re-added you, having made it up, all without you knowing.

2. Blasts from the past. The person you were good friends with until 3 years ago, when they started going out with someone and didn't contact you any more. Inevitably means they're about to get married and need you to make up numbers at the wedding. Or they've split up and need you back.

3. Relatives. Your mother, for example, who has heard people in work talking about Facebook and wants to know what it is. Sort of gets the hang of it, but types everything into the status box instead of on people's walls, so you get an obscure and slightly worrying insight into her conversations. Not 'worrying' as in, 'I didn't realise my parents still did THAT', but 'worrying' as in 'Betty, can we change it to 3.15 instead of 2.45 tomorrow, I have an appointment to watch paint dry?'.

4. Work people. By which I mean the ones in work you don't like (as opposed to actual friends from work, who you'll have added months ago so you can have conversations in work without anyone noticing). Generally best not to accept.

5. Blasts from the non-existent past. People from school that you never spoke to. Often with a new surname, which you are supposed to guess. They will never send an accompanying note explaining who they are, they will just send a friend request and expect you to work it out. Heck, why would they send a note? It's not like you've ever communicated before.

6. Nutters. People who add you, with no explanation whatsoever, who you are certain you've never heard of, who live in a different country, who cannot be related.

7. Fishers. People who add you as a friend, with a short note saying 'I saw u were in the Dragonslayers Group to!!!!! That's really cool!!!!!! mind if I add u as a friend??!! Were r u from?'. Or people of the opposite gender, who say 'I see you are a friend of Mark. I'm friends with him too. I thought I'd say hello.' - guaranteed, 100% of the time, when you check their status, they are 'Single, looking for a relationship'. Every. Time.


Wesley Johnston said...

I got a number (5) request this morning. A guy I haven't seen since 1996, and only rarely spoke to at school. Should I accept it?

whynotsmile said...

Hard to say. Did you speak rarely mainly because you hated the sight of each other, or because your paths rarely crossed?

Do you suspect he is mainly going to use you to bump up his friends list? Do not become another statistic.

Of course, since you never spoke anyway, it is unlikely that you will suddenly strike up a regular communication on Facebook, so you could probably add him quite safely without any further consequences.

Wesley Johnston said...

Nothing against the guy - paths just never crossed. He already has over 300 friends, 4 times as many as me!

Anonymous said...

a fine summary of the dilemmas resulting from the facebook friend requests!