Thursday, 10 January 2008

The plot thickens...

On Tuesday there my dad phoned Chief Builder and issued him with an ultimatum: either show up and do something by Friday, or don't come back, ever, and don't come looking for money.

So this morning I woke up and the heating hadn't come on, and the light was flashing on the boiler. Applying my vast technical expertise, I looked at the gauge on the front, which said the pressure was low, so I turned the thing and it added more water to the wotsit and it all seemed grand. Then I pressed the flashing light, for it doubles as the reset button. All went dark for a moment, and then it started flashing again. I repeated this several times, but nothing worked. So I turned it off and went to work.

Once safely in work, having poured the whole sorry tale out to the very sympathetic Christopher, maker of tea (amongst other things, but making tea was the most pertinent at this stage), I phoned the plumber, for advice. He, unfortunately, is moving house (unsurprisingly - I'd keep moving if I were this lot, they can't track you that way), and so couldn't come round (the plumber is actually very nice and helpful when you speak to him directly; it's when you have to interact via Chief Builder that problems begin). But he said to phone Chief Builder who could phone the warranty people.

So I phone Chief Builder, and of course he doesn't answer, but then my dad phones to say he had just spoken to him (not knowing about the boiler, but to follow up on the ultimatum). So we now have two sub-plots on the go, which is starting to get quite complex, but please bear with me. Anyway, this call was to say that they would be there today (in fact, that he was on his way) to fit the shower screen and the shower and the bathroom window, all of which we've heard before, but as they say, hope springs eternal, although not for much longer.

So I phone Dozavtra to tell her to get out of bed in case they come, but of course she is already up for she is good at getting up early, even though she is sick and there is no heat.

I've spent the rest of the morning trying to phone Chief Builder to make sure he knows about the boiler, since he might as well fix it while he's there. However, he hasn't answered his phone, which I am convincing myself is because he's up a ladder doing the window, or something.

Naturally, you will hear more of this presently.

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