Wednesday, 9 January 2008

All By Myself?

Just a question: is there anyone else out there who:

1) Has no idea what's going in the American election thing cos they don't understand any of it and they're not sure who's who or anything


2) doesn't really care


3) feels they ought to try to have an opinion?

Or is it just me?


espero said...

You've just got to think of it as a badly edited, poor man's 8th series of the West Wing. It's all about the human drama. Watching Obama take the moral highground in the face of Clinton's bitchiness, seeing Hillary turn on the tears to snatch back New Hampshire. Will America find a black/female candidate too unpalatable and hand the republicans another White House? Maybe CNN just makes it sexier than the BBC, but I'm hooked. Roll on Super Tuesday.

whynotsmile said...

See, I've never seen West Wing. Maybe that's the key.

So far I have figured:
There is a black guy called Barak Obanma who lots of people like, but he's a bit young.
There is Hillary Clinton, who is Bill Clinton's wife, so it would be like Richard and Judy if she won.
There is a guy called Huckabee who is a preacher.
There is Rudolph Giuliani, who was mayor of NY on Sept 11th, and quite popular at the time, but everyone has kind of gone off him since then.

This is all I know. Also, elections do not seem to be till November, but they are having mini elections now, which some people are doing well in, and some people are not. Hillary has made some strange faces and been photographed.

espero said...

I don't think I understand.



You've GOT to get you hands on it. Ask Soapbox if he has series one. The West Wing justifies the existence of TV.

Anonymous said...

For once the soapbox is also speechless that you have never seen the finest of series to grace the screen.
I indeed have West Wing 1 and 2 - and am more than happy to add to your education.
As you know I always like to have an opinion.

whynotsmile said...

Excellent, I would like to borrow it please, Soapbox. I don't have a TV, so I am entirely dependent upon people lending me things.

smooth stones in my hand said...

Hi, I don't know you but read your blog via lilytodd or espero. I'm compelled to comment because you've never seen the West Wing! It is the best programme in the world, ever! Unlike espero I don't actually salute during the opening credits, but I do own all 7 series, and my son's middle name is Jed. You seem like the sort of person who would enjoy it, so watch an episode on More 4 - you'll be hooked, and it may make you interested in the primaries - I too am loving them.

smooth stones in my hand said...

Whoops, just noticed you don't have a TV, sorry you won't beable to enjoy it on More4.

whynotsmile said...

Hey Smooth Stones, I've seen you via Lilytodd and Espero, and been trying to work out who you are, but I can't :( I like your blog though.

I am going to borrow the West Wing from the Soapbox (I do have a DVD player you see) and find out what I'm missing.

whynotsmile said...

If it causes any more chaos, I've also never seen 24.