Monday, 24 September 2007

Q&B: The Turning of a Corner

I know you'll have been waiting all weekend to hear how I got on with Darren from Q&B, so I'll not keep you in suspense any longer.

Several surprises:

1. He turned up, on time, when he said he would.

2. He knew my name, and something of the background.

3. He was sympathetic to the whole story, and totally unsurprised at the attitude of the Warranty Department. He then let slip, get this, that Q&B have DISBANDED their Warranty Department because it was so incompetent!!! So complaints are now managed locally, by people such as Darren himself. This means, in a radical move, that the complaint goes straight to the person who is going to deal with it.

4. He agreed to replacing the entire set of kitchen doors, and has promised that he will contact the fitter, and get him to pick the doors up and bring them with him when he comes to fit them, so I don't have to wait in for a delivery of doors (or cupboards), and I don't have to phone the fitter myself.

I think it is fair to say we have turned a corner here; my relationship with Q&B may yet be salvaged. Darren, even if he turns out to not do anything he says, at least talks the right sort of talk, and owns a clipboard.

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Until tomorrow said...

Wow... and how about the other building work? I'm quite excited about seeing it all when I get back!